dApp Kit
Wallet Hooks


The useAccounts hook retrieves a list of connected accounts the dApp authorizes.

import { ConnectButton, useAccounts } from '@mysten/dapp-kit';
function MyComponent() {
	const accounts = useAccounts();
	return (
			<ConnectButton />
			<h2>Available accounts:</h2>
			{accounts.length === 0 && <div>No accounts detected</div>}
				{accounts.map((account) => (
					<li key={account.address}>- {account.address}</li>


Account properties

  • address: The address of the account, corresponding with a public key.
  • publicKey: The public key of the account, represented as a Uint8Array.
  • chains: The chains the account supports.
  • features: The features the account supports.
  • label: An optional user-friendly descriptive label or name for the account.
  • icon: An optional user-friendly icon for the account.