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TransferPolicyTransaction is the client to build transactions that involve transfer policy management. It's used similar to KioskTransaction, and helps in crafting transactions to manage a transfer policy.

You need to instatiate it once in every Programmable Transaction Block (PTB) that you're building.

Similar to KioskTransaction, you can either create a new transfer policy, or use an existing one.

Using an existing transfer policy

If you have already retrieved a transfer policy from kioskClient.getOwnedTransferPolicies(), or kioskClient.getOwnedTransferPoliciesByType(), you can pass a TransferPolicyCap result when instatiating.

// Initiliazed somewhere in the app.
const kioskClient = new KioskClient({...});
// You could have more than one cap, since we can create more than one transfer policy.
const heroPolicyCaps = await kioskClient.getOwnedTransferPoliciesByType({
    type: `${packageId}::hero::Hero`,
    address: '0xConnectedAddress',
const txb = new TransactionBlock();
// You can choose to use any of the caps you have. For this example, use the first one.
const tpTx = new TransferPolicyTransaction({ kioskClient, transactionBlock: txb, cap: heroPolicyCaps[0] });
// A demonstration of using all the available rule add/remove functions.
// You can chain these commands.
    .addRoyaltyRule(percentageToBasisPoints(10), 0)
    // .removeFloorPriceRule()
    // .removeLockRule()
    // .removeRoyaltyRule()
    // .removePersonalKioskRule()
// Sign and execute transaction block.
await signAndExecuteTransactionBlock({tx: txb});

Creating a new transfer policy

If you don't have an existing transfer policy, you can create a new one. You can also attach rules in the same PTB.

const publisher = '0xPackagePublisherObject';
const txb = new TransactionBlock();
const tpTx = new TransferPolicyTransaction({ kioskClient, transactionBlock: txb });
// This is an async call, as the SDK protects from accidentally creating
// a second transfer policy.
// You can skip this check by passing `skipCheck: true`.
await tpTx.create({
	type: `${heroPackageId}::hero::Hero`,
	.addRoyaltyRule(percentageToBasisPoints(10), 100)
	// Transfers the `TransferPolicyCap` to the user and shares the transfer policy.
// Sign and execute transaction block.
await signAndExecuteTransactionBlock({ tx: txb });