TypeScript SDK

Install Sui TypeScript SDK

The Sui TypeScript SDK is available in the Sui monorepo (opens in a new tab) and NPM.

Install from NPM

To use the Sui TypeScript SDK in your project, run the following command in your project root:

npm i @mysten/sui

Experimental tag for use with a local Sui network

Projects developing against one of the on-chain Sui networks (Devnet, Testnet, Mainnet) should use the base SDK published in the NPM registry (previous section) because the code aligns with the relevant JSON-RPC. If your developing against a local network (opens in a new tab) built from the main branch of the Sui monorepo, however, you should use the experimental-tagged SDK package as it contains the latest features (or a local build detailed in the section that follows).

npm i @mysten/sui@experimental

Install from local build

To build the SDK from the Sui monorepo, you must use pnpm (opens in a new tab). With pnpm installed, run the following command from the sui root directory:

# Install all dependencies
pnpm install
# Run the build for the TypeScript SDK
pnpm sdk build

With the SDK built, you can import the library from your sui project. To do so, use a path to the sui/sdk/typescript directory that is relative to your project. For example, if you created a folder my-sui-project at the same level as sui, use the following to import the locally built Sui TypeScript package:

pnpm add ../sui/sdk/typescript