TypeScript SDK


Utilities for working with zkLogin. Currently contains functionality to create and parse zkLogin signatures and compute zkLogin addresses.

Note: @mysten/zklogin package contains more utilities to help with computing address etc.

To parse a serialized zkLogin signature

import { parseZkLoginSignature } '@mysten/sui/zklogin';
const parsedSignature = await parseZkLoginSignature('BQNNMTY4NjAxMzAyO....');

Use getZkLoginSignature to serialize a zkLogin signature.

import { getZkLoginSignature } '@mysten/sui/zklogin';
const serializedSignature = await getZkLoginSignature({ inputs, maxEpoch, userSignature });

To compute the address for a given address seed and iss you can use computeZkLoginAddressFromSeed

import { computeZkLoginAddressFromSeed } '@mysten/sui/zklogin';
const address = await computeZkLoginAddressFromSeed(0n, 'https://accounts.google.com');

To use zkLogin inside a multisig, see the Multisig Guide for more details.