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Transaction Intents

Transaction Intents enable 3rd party SDKs and Transaction Plugins to more easily add complex operations to a Transaction. The Typescript SDK currently only includes a single Intent (CoinWithBalance), but more will be added in the future.

The CoinWithBalance intent

The CoinWithBalance intent makes it easy to get a coin with a specific balance. For SUI, this has generally been done by splitting the gas coin:

const tx = new Transaction();
const [coin] = tx.splitCoins(tx.gas, [100]);
tx.transferObjects([coin], recipient);

This approach works well for SUI, but can't be used for other coin types. The CoinWithBalance intent solves this by providing a helper function that automatically adds the correct SplitCoins and MergeCoins commands to the transaction:

import { coinWithBalance, Transaction } from '@mysten/sui/transactions';
const tx = new Transaction();
// Setting the sender is required for the CoinWithBalance intent to resolve coins when not using the gas coin
		// Create a SUI coin (balance is in MIST)
		coinWithBalance({ balance: 100 }),
		// Create a coin of another type
		coinWithBalance({ balance: 100, type: '0x123::foo:Bar' }),

Splitting the gas coin also causes problems for sponsored transactions. When sponsoring transactions, the gas coin comes from the sponsor instead of the transaction sender. Transaction sponsors usually do not sponsor transactions that use the gas coin for anything other than gas. To transfer SUI that does not use the gas coin, you can set the useGasCoin option to false:

const tx = new Transaction();
tx.transferObjects([coinWithBalance({ balance: 100, useGasCoin: false })], recipient);

It's important to only set useGasCoin option to false for sponsored transactions, otherwise the coinWithBalance intent may use all the SUI coins, leaving no coins to use for gas.

How it works

When the CoinWithBalance intent is resolved, it will look up the senders owned coins for each type that needs to be created. It will then find a set of coins with sufficient balance to cover the desired balance, to combine them into a single coin. This coin is then used in a SplitCoins command to create the desired coin.