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Sui Owned Object Pool Quick Start

Sui Owned Object Pools Quick Start

Sui Owned Object Pools (SuiOOP) is a beta library. Enhancements and changes are likely during development.

SuiOOP is a TypeScript library that provides a set of tools for managing multiple concurrent transactions on the Sui network to help avoid object equivocation and locking.


npm i suioop


At a high level, this is how you implement the library:

// Initialize the ExecutorServiceHandler.
const eshandler = await ExecutorServiceHandler.initialize(
/// And then for each incoming request...
/// ...get the incoming transactionBlock
const myTransactionBlock;
/// and send it for execution
const promise = eshandler.execute(myTransactionBlock, suiClient, splitStrategy);

See End-to-End Examples for sample code you can run.